Setting up IPv6 access for a home network using Ubuntu Linux

Before starting this howto, I would suggest that you get IPv6 working by following the instructions here. If you’ve followed all the instructions in the previous post, you should now have a linux workstation that allows you to view IPv6 websites.

If you want to extend this ability and enable all the workstations on your network to have the same ability then feel free to follow the instructions provided.

First things first, you need to register with Freenet6 who will be your IPv6 tunnel provider, the registration page is here. Take a note of your password and username, you will need this later. Continue reading

Setting up IPv6 access for a home workstation under Ubuntu Linux

My current home workstation is running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, but I’m sure you should be able to adapt the following to run on debian or other Ubuntu flavours.

This part only applied to setting up a single workstation, at some point, I’m going to set up my linux home server, to act at an IPv6 gateway for all the IPv6 enabled home devices.

First we have to install the IPv6 gateway client.

The default installation connects to Freenet automatically and anonymously so that should be it. Continue reading