One thought on “New York Marathon 2012

  1. Not happy the the New York Marathon got cancelled this year, I really wish they have done it at the start of the week (then I wouldn’t have wasted so much money).

    Right decision, wrong time!

    I’ll take my money and run (pun intended), I’m certainly not going to pay twice for the same marathon. That particular run is no longer on my to do list. I love New York and the people, but when a sporting event gets hijacked by politicians, it’s all over!

    Good luck the the New York Road Runners and their corporate event (cash cow). I shall now spend my refunded entrance fee on something worthwhile (some local running events).

    If I was a member of the New York Road Runners, I would be asking some serious questions at the next AGM. 47,000 pissed off runners will not do a lot to help your cause, I’m sure it will have repercussion for many years to come.

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