IPv6 – Disabling isatap Teredo and 6to4 in Windows 7

To disable isatap teredo and 6to4 on a Windows 7 workstation, type the following at the prompt. You do of course need Administrative access on the workstation to do this.

If like myself your running dual stack IPv6 via your router or gateway, then there is really no need to have them running.

Thanks for the input guys, I’ve changed the following to set it back to default.

To re-enable isatap teredo nd 6to4, just replace the disabled with type=default.

ISATAP – Wikipedia
6to4 – Wikipedia

11 thoughts on “IPv6 – Disabling isatap Teredo and 6to4 in Windows 7

  1. Nice post. While testing I noticed that (At least in Win7) to enable the teredo logic you need to use “client” (or “enterpriseclient”), as in:

    netsh interface teredo set state client

  2. Hi Chennai,

    I’m sure there is, I currently don’t have time to look further into it. But feel free to leave a reply and I’ll test it and add it to the end.



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  5. to enable Teredo, its a slightly different command:

    netsh interface teredo set state type=default

    …state enable does not work.

  6. When running Dual stack it is especially important to disable teredo as it provides a route for IPv6 connections to ignore Firewall rules.

  7. @ Timothy Dutton – learn why these kind of GLARING design flaws and inane policy decisions by Microsoft actually occur (IMHO from years – nay, decades – of seeing the patterns). They collaborate with the spooks. Leaving huge wide-open hack-able backdoors and similar in their software is part of this. It is by FAR the most logical explanation. Conspiracy BEFORE cock-up (re: Occam’s Razor) when the conspiracy is proven to exist and apply in a given scenario.
    Why do you think it was so important to get M$ software onto every PC sold via highly-shady marketing practices (again IMHO but again not just my opinion, by far)?
    The only way to tell what a capable and intelligent adversary is up to, is to follow the outline left by omission. Follow the holes in the logic and follow what evidence there is.
    Now go open your eyes. Unless I’m preaching to the converted, haha!
    Spying on people by default, is making war by default. That’s the problem. I’ve been to war and it isn’t a good prognosis for one’s (mass) humanity. 100%-predictable and yet they keep running headlong down this path. Why?

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