Billion 7800N SNMP OID’s

I’ve decided to graph my small home network, so I thought I would see if I could find the OID’s for my Billion 7800n Router, first I tried the Billion website, I was surprised not to find them there. I managed to find some information on other websites (not a huge lot), but it seems that Billion have changed the format of the information between firmware revision.

Billion 7800n SNMP Page

Billion 7800n SNMP Page

Assuming you’ve set up your router and installed snmp tools on your Linux workstation, this command will give you a list of all the OID’s.

If you can’t be bothered to install SNMP tools then feel free to grab the zip file of the results from the following Software Version 1.06e

[code lang=”bash”]snmpwalk -v1 -c public[/code]

As it happens, I’ll only be graphing a few of the salient attributes of the router, using either Cacti or Nagios in a home environment.

ADSL Status.

Upstream Speed (Gauge32): .
Downstream Seed (Gauge32): .

Upstream SNR (Integer): .
Downstream SNR (Integer): .

Upstream Line Attenuation (Gauge32): .
Downstream Line Attenuation (Gauge32): .

System Uptime (Timeticks): .

Interface Statistics.

Ethernet interface eth0
String: “eth0” .
RX bytes (String): .
TX bytes (String): .

Ethernet interface eth1
String: “eth1” .
RX bytes (String): .
TX bytes (String): .

Ethernet interface eth2
String: “eth2” .
RX bytes (String): .
TX bytes (String): .

Ethernet interface eth3
String: “eth3” .
RX bytes (String): .
TX bytes (String): .

Wireless interface ra0
String: “ra0” .
RX bytes (String): .
TX bytes (String): .

Bridge interface br0
String: “br0” .
RX bytes (String): .
TX bytes (String): .

3 thoughts on “Billion 7800N SNMP OID’s

  1. Hi. I have a Billion 7800N router, but no “SNMP Access Control” like you have. How did you get this menu option? I’m very keen to start monitoring my devices, but at the moment no access to SNMP for me :/

  2. Hi Matt,

    You need to select the “Advanced” tab (below the “Basic” tab).

    Then “Configuration” –> “Advanced”

    Hope that helps,


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