This site is now WAP Enabled

I didn’t realise quite how easy that would be. I’ve just added WAP to my wordpress blog.

  1. Download the wap plugin from then unzip the files wp-wap.php
    wp-wap-comments.php to the root of your website,  point your WAP brower to [Your URL]/wp-wap.php. If you don’t have a WAP browser then try this online WAP browser.
  2. Create a subdomain called
  3. Set up an Apache redirect for to

Of course, if your doing this yourself, then you would use your own blog URL and not mine 🙂

Guestbook and Usage Spammer

Having re-written my website, I decided to spend a little time checking on who’s previously been trying to spam my Usage Pages as referrers and post spurious links on my Guestbook, yep you guessed it, and ban there IP.

[code lang=”bash”][Mon Mar 6 03:56:24 2006] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/dicksonm/public_html/guestbook/comment.php[/code]

The main culprits seem to be:

If I keep getting the first 3 in the list with different IP’s I think I’ll have to play about with my .htaccess file and just ban the IP block I’ll keep this open and try and work out what the hostmask should be before banning them. Damn pests 😐

Creating a browser icon for IE and Firefox

Instructions on how to create a browser icon for your website like the scottish flag below, I didn’t do this one personally, Mark was kind enough to donate it to me. Big thanks!

Browser Icon

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The wonders of rss aggregators

Found myself a nice little rss syndicated news reader called Sharpreader, it’s freeware, a word that always makes me happy :). You can read more about it or download it yourself from here.

What is RSS
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. RSS allows news and data feeds to be published online in a universally accepted, XML-based format.