Just playing about with QR Code’s

I’ve just been reading all about QR Codes and I’ve generated on for this website, makes for an interesting read (if your technically minded otherwise I wouldn’t bother). I also noticed that they seem to be getting popular as tattoos as well.

Website QR Code


Wikipedia – QR code
Online QR-Code Generator
KTAR.com – tattooing QR codes
QR Code Tech Info : MECARD Format
Creat a QR code image in MECARD format – Commandlinefu.com

Quite fancy this car

IĀ was down at my local mall (as the Americans call it), Ocean Terminal.Ā  And noticed this little beauty parked on theĀ forecourt of the groundĀ floor. Now I know it’s a long time until my birthday but I’m sure that if everyone starts saving now, you’ll be able to afford it šŸ™‚ feel free to purchase it from the Koenigsegg Website.

Koenigsegg CarĀ Koenigsegg CarĀ Koenigsegg Car

Shake and Vac

I was just surfing YouTube when an online friend, Wull pointed this one out to me, I don’t know if you remember this advert I recon you have to be of a certain age to remember, it certainly prodded the old grey matter and raised a wry smile from me.

Ok this other clip isn’t an advert for Shake and Vac, but it’s damn funny anyway. PS. The little girl in this is an actress and it’s an advertisement for a band. You’ll notice that at the end of the clip šŸ™‚

Things I miss about Christmas

Advent calenders with chocolate in them, thats what I miss about Christmas these days. I remember when I was young, every year without fail, my mum would buy me and my sister one. Its just not the same buying one for yourself šŸ™

Anyway I noticed this link, kindly provided by my work collegue Jon to an online Advent Calendar, not as good as getting one with chocolate, but still good for other reasons.

I was out shopping last weekend in Ocean Terminal,Ā when I noticedĀ Santa talking to someĀ kidsĀ and sitting inĀ  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, I just had to take a photo.

Santa driving chitty chitty bang bang