Donate to the Wikipedia Foundation

Thought I would give something back today since it’s near Christmas, so I donated a little to the Wikipedia Foundation, I’ve used this site so many times this year and it’s been so damn useful. I’ve added the support wikipedia decal in my sidebar and also below in case I acidently delete it while I’m faffing about with this websites theme, which I’m apt to do.

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CentOS vs. City of Tuttle

I usually read when I have the time and occasionally I read the links from some of the stories. Now this one is really funny, I just can’t believe that someone with 10 years IT experience can be soo stupid. Anyway feel free to read about it yourself

What can’t people sell on ebay?

I read this article in The Registry which certainly made me chuckle a bit. Now you may be wondering what sort of things people sell on ebay, this is certainly one of the more interesting ones, make me wonder. You can also read the full story in The Greenock Telegraph

A Blog can get you sacked (If you work for Waterstones)

I notice this story on the BBC site today and just had to blog it. The story is about a guy called Joe Gordon who worked at Waterstones for 11 years and during this time he occasionally blogged online and mentioned his work and boss in a amusing and satirical way. Now he’s lost his job over his blogging and in my opinion, it’s a rediculous state of affairs and Waterstones should be ashamed of themselves. I think I’ll just get all my books online now (Not at Amazon of course), I won’t be wasting my time at Waterstones again.

The Russian opinion of George W Bush

It’s nice to see that the Russian newpaper Pravda has an opinion on the US President George W Bush that seems to reflect a lot of people opinions in the UK (Well at least mine anyway :)).

If I was an American I would be a tad concerned about what the rest of the world perceives about the Presidents motives. On the other side of the scales, here’s a blog about the troubles in Falluja that I think is worth reading.