London Marathon 2010


Getting my photo taken after the Virgin London Marathon

Virgin London Marathon Photo

Split Time
START TIME 09:46:27
5K 00:24:38
10K 00:48:24
15K 01:11:42
20K 01:34:55
HALF 01:39:53
25K 01:58:30
30K 02:23:04
35K 02:48:15
40K 03:13:31


I had a fabulous weekend running the Virgin London Marathon, times below. I’m going to take a week off and just relax, maybe next week I’ll do a little work at the gym (probably cardiovascular), I think I’ll give my legs a rest for the full 2 weeks before starting to run again.

I more please with raising money for Marie Curie Cancer Care who are a fabulous bunch of guys, I would certainly run for them again given the chance. I’m going to keep my sponsorship page open for 4 weeks or so on the off chance of more sponsorship. If you have a spare few quid, feel free to pop over to my sponsorship page and sponsor me here.


Name Dickson, William (GBR)
runner no. 2534
cat 40-44
place (total) 3552
place (gender) 3185
place (cat) 702
finish time 03:24:59

New York Marathon

Published on: Feb 11, 2010 @ 17:35

I’ve just applied for the New York Marathon lottery again, I’ll hear if I’ve been successful by mid March, fingers crossed.

Ohh well, didn’t get in this year either. Probably a good thing since I’ve got a lot of things on this year. Still, there’s next year and I’m confident that I’ll get in at some point. 🙂

London Marathon Training

Well, I had my first long run of my marathon training today, all went well and I finished my 15 mile run in a tad over 2 hours. The reason I’ve missed the my first long runs are all to do with the weather, damn snow. Going on holiday in a week, thankfully they have a gym which I’ll use if I can’t get out and run.

Running for Marie Curie Cancer Care

I’ve decided to run the Virgin London Marathon 2010 for Marie Curie Cancer Care feel free to sponsor me 😉 I’ll take anything your willing to give, anything you can afford from a pound upwards. You can get to my sponsor page from  here.

Marie Curie Cancer Care

The London Virgin Marathon

I’ve had a bit of time tonight so I thought I would write  my marathon training program for next years London Virgin Marathon. My official training starts on the 3rd January. Until I start, I’m going to start taking up my mileage slowly, at present I’m only running about 15 miles a week. I think I’ll take it up to 30 in gradual steps.

Then when I do start my training proper, I won’t find it as hard. That’s the theory anyway :).

My training schedule is here, fingers crossed for good health and no injuries (this time).

Virgin London Marathon 2010

London Marathon magazine

I’ve managed to get into the LONDON MARATHON! on the first attempt. How lucky am I ? (the answer is very). Since I’ve been so lucky, I’m going to run it for charity, probably a cancer charity (not decide which yet). So I’ll be scrounging for donations at some point in the next few months (friends and relative beware! ;-))

I’ve taken 3 weeks off so far since the Berlin Marathon, plenty of rest I’m thinking. So next week I’ll start running some easy 4×4 miles, taking me up to 16 miles for the week. Then I’ll maybe sit down and write myself a training program based on ones I’ve done previously.