Berlin Marathon (Sep 23rd 2005)

Berlin Marathon (Sep 23rd 2005)

Well, after training for 16 weeks of training in all weathers. On Sunday 25th September at 9:00, I was ready to start running the Marathon. Just me and my mate Mark surrounded by people from many countries speaking many languages. To say I was excited would be an understatement.

The crowd along the way were fantastic, shouting “Hop hop hop” as we ran along the streets of Berlin, the atmophere was akin to a big street party as we pounded pavement to the first marker and water stop. Myself, Mark and a few thousand other participants that made up Group H.

Group H being the Marathon virgins there was an awfull lot of us, never having completed a marathon before none of us had a finishing time. We were all running just to finish the 44Km (26 Miles) run all stuck in the same groove and running at the same pace.

At about the 18 mile mark we started to pass people walking, people being helped by friend, people with cramp by the side of the road and this continued to happen throughout the remaining 8 miles.

Seeing the Brandenburg gate and knowing we were on the final leg of the Marathon was an amazing feeling. The final leg of the marathon was fantastic and made all the better by the cheering of the crowd as we ran to the finish line.

You can have a look at my finishing time, split time and position here in the box that says “Suche nach” type “dickson” without the quotes. Feel free to have a look at the rest of the photographs of the Reichstaad and other sites of interest in Berlin.

Berlin Marathon Berlin Marathon 2005