The Paris Marathon 2008

Having trained faithfully for the last 4 months in all weather, the trip to Paris was filled with anticipation. We arrived on the Friday and proceeded directly to the Marathon Expo not realising how far from the Airport, the Expo was about 2 stops from Euro Disney. Collected our Bib numbers and spent a bit of time looking around the stalls, bought a nice looking Paris Marathon T-shirt and a few other bits and bobs.

On Saturday we did the tourist thing and went up the Eiffel Tower (right to the top), the weather was awful but it was well worth if for the fabulous view. Had some lunch on the Avenue de Champs-Elysees, pasta not surprisingly, did a bit of shopping then dinner, pasta again! got back to the hotel at about 9:00’ish got all our gear arranged for the morning and hit the sack at about 10:00.

Set off early in the morning to our local Metro station, as soon as we got there we bumped into our first group of marathon runners, three guys from the Leeds area, one of which was going to be running the Flora London Marathon the following week (nutter!). We all got off at the correct station and bumped into a sea of runners. All we had to do at that point was to join the mass exodus to the next metro.

Paris Marathon Medal Paris Marathon Medal (rear)

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Cleaning up my MP3 directory using the find command

I’ve just wrote a quick bash script to delete all the Thumbs.db and desktop.ini using the find command, from my MP3 collection on my home linux box.

I also found some nice bash script sites in the process.

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Howto – Backup your files automatically to a second hard disk in Linux

This “Howto” only really applies to a single workstation and is a quick and easy solution to backing up your own files, if you were backing up a server with numerous users, you would of course backup to another machine preferably at another physical location on the network.
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Freshnlow Glasgow Half Marathon

Did my first half marathon on Sunday, the FreshnLow Glasgow Half Marathon and I’ve got to say, I really enjoyed it. The training involved wasn’t quite as strenuous or time consuming as a full marathon and on the day the weather held, it was actually quite nice (not too warm, cold or wet) I definately think I’ll do it next year, you can find the full race results here 🙂

Positions Name Time
539/6446 Billy Dickson (me) 1.34.05
714/6446 Christopher Dawson 1.36.30
2822/6446 Mark Dawson 1.54.49

Here’s a nice Google map provided by SportTracks software and my Garmin Forerunner 305 and a couple of photos of my very nice finishing medal.

Google Map of Glasgow FreshnLow Half Marathon

 Freshnlow Glasgow Half Marathon photographs Freshnlow Glasgow Half Marathon photographs

Freshnlow Glasgow Half Marathon photographs Freshnlow Glasgow Half Marathon photographs Freshnlow Glasgow Half Marathon photographs

Freshnlow Glasgow Half Marathon photographs Freshnlow Glasgow Half Marathon photographs

The Pitreavie AAC Forth Bridge 10K

Just finished “The Pitreavie AAC Forth Bridge 10K“, this is the second time I’ve competed in this race, it was hard work but well worth the effort. Going by my running watch I did it in approximately 42 minute, I’ll know more when the results come out this week. Heres few photos below:

The boys getting ready for the off, 10:30 on a Sunday morning. Thats me in the distance, running over the Forth road bridge. Marky boy running over the Forth Road Bridge. Front of the Medal, Pitreavie AAC, Forth Bridge 10K

Home made number, damn that postal strike! Nice goodie bag! Back of the Medal, Pitreavie AAC, Forth Bridge 10K

Positions Name and (Number) Time
45 Chris Dawson (79) 41.16
48 Billy Dickson (78) (Me!) 41.54
207 Mark Dawson (16) 53.5

We did quite well considering there were 307 runners on the day, quite a few of them in clubs (apart from us unattached fellows).

The full provisional results can be downloaded from this page. More race info:

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