Weekend run in the sun

This weeks run was a nice one in the sun, it was a bit blustery but you can’t help that if you live in Scotland. Myself and my running mate Mark ran from Penicuik, to just outside Dalkeith, my new running shoes and now well and truly muddy, a lot of the running was on grass and packed earth.


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Long run from Penicuik to Dalkeith

Myself and Mark my running buddie did a nice 18 mile run on Saturday, starting from Penicuik, down the old railway towards Dalkeith and back. It ended up being quite a nice run, a bit windy but not too bad at all. I had a bit of a stuffed nose on Saturday but didn’t really think about it too much, today I’ve seemed to have developed a bit of a cold (man flu). I think a nice early night tonight and see how things are tomorrow. No running tomorrow which should help get rid of this cold.

Map of route below:

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