BUPA great Edinburgh Run 2009

I’ve just finished the BUPA Great Edinburgh Run 10k in 42 minutes. I was 34th in my age group and 344th out of 10,000. Quite happy with the time, the only thing that I didn’t like about race was that I didn’t like where the start/finish was located. Why couldn’t they have had the finish in the Meadows. Just too many people finishing in a smaller space.

Photos below:

Weekend run in the sun

This weeks run was a nice one in the sun, it was a bit blustery but you can’t help that if you live in Scotland. Myself and my running mate Mark ran from Penicuik, to just outside Dalkeith, my new running shoes and now well and truly muddy, a lot of the running was on grass and packed earth.


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The Paris Marathon 2008

I was out last weekend (Saturday) with friends supporting Scotlands efforts in the Euro 2008 qualifiers. And we were discussing what we were going to do next year (running wise), I’ve got a couple of mates who share my running hobby, well the upshot was that I should do another marathon in Europe and it just so happens that my mate Mark has already put his name down for the Paris Marathon.

Woke up on Suday 18th November with a bit of a hangover, had some breakfast and went online to have a look at the Paris Marathon website. Fished out a bit of paper and started to work out when I would have to start the training 10th of December seemingly, sat down and had a think about it with another cup of coffee, after about 10 minutes I decided it would be worth doing.

Updated 3/12/07 : Just sat down and wrote out my training schedule, thought I would just use the one that I used last year for the Edinburgh Marathon, feel free to peruse it here.

Here’s a couple of photos of Walkabout in the Omni centre Edinburgh during the Scotland Italy match Saturday 17th November.

The Walkabout Pub - Omni Centre - Edinburgh  The Walkabout Pub - Omni Centre - Edinburgh  Marky Boy

The Edinburgh Marathon 2007

I’ve ran the Edinburgh Marathon 3 weeks ago on Sunday 27th May, got to say I really enjoyed it in a preverse sort of way. The weather on the day was bloody awfull, windy and rainy the sort of weather that you can only get in Scotland (4 seasons in one day), the route itself I’ve ran partially a few times during my training runs, so I wasn’t expecting a great time. Neverthless I still manged to get a PB (Personal Best) so overall I’m well chuffed. You can check out other peoples times here, mine and young Chris’s are below, I do seem to be catching up to Chris’s times slowly but surely 😉

Position Name and (Number) Times Category
536 William Dickson (1332) 03:28:41 Male
297 Chris Dawson (388) 03:17:47 Male

Below are a couple of photos of me at the end, and a couple of my finishers medal:

Billy Dickson dsc00414.JPG

2007 - Edinburgh Marthon Finishers Medal 2007 - Edinburgh Marthon Finishers Medal

BUPA great Edinburgh Run 2007

I’ve just finished running the BUPA great Edinburgh run for the 3rd time, I really enjoyed it. although the weather was a bit of a letdown again, as it was last year. Keep telling yourself that you live in Scotland and should expect that kind of variety 🙂 . Sunshine, Rain, Hail Stones at one point.

BUPA Great Edinburgh Run 2007 BUPA Great Edinburgh Run 2007 BUPA Great Edinburgh Run 2007 

BUPA Great Edinburgh Run 2007 BUPA Great Edinburgh Run 2007 BUPA Great Edinburgh Run 2007 

BUPA Great Edinburgh Run 2007 BUPA Great Edinburgh Run 2007 BUPA Great Edinburgh Run 2007

BUPA Great Edinburgh Run 2007

Well done to my mate Chris, and especially my sister Dawn who did her first 10K in under an hour. You can check out everyone else’s time at the GreatRun website here.



Race Number


















Short Youtube video clip Below:

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