Home Server Maintenance (CPU Fan)

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As you can see, the CPU fan is now faulty (knackered), to be honest it’s been running non stop for 5 years with no problems, so I’m happy enough to replace it, as with all moving parts, eventually it will break due to wear and tear.

Thankfully, I’ve setup email notifications for these little eventualities, so I popped onto amazon during the week and purchased a replacement, 30 minutes later and the jobs done. Took me longer to blog about it than it did to actually do the work. :smiley:

Broken CPU Fan and Error Messages

Replacement fan courtesy of Amazon

Some photos of the parts used to replace the faulty fan, and the Amazon link to the replacement fan is here. I’m hoping to have more many more years of service, before I have to think about replacing the server.

Replacement Fan and Thermal Grease remover

Cleaning the CPU and replacing the fan

Cleaning the CPU and Fitting the Fan

Fitted and Working

Job done, thankfully it wasn’t too hard and I had all the tools to hand.

Fitted and Working